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100 years ago, on the 31st of October 1917, Australia did what many thought impossible.  They successfully took the city of Beersheba in the last successful cavalry charge in warfare.

This action is my personal favourite, closely followed by the fighting on the Kokoda track in ww2.  Desperate to take the Wells about 800 charged into artillery, machine gun fire and entrenched Turkish soldiers in an act that was not in their previous M.O.

773FF4B4-5910-4190-A24B-67BB1DAA5F3BImage Credit: Ian Coate

usually the mounted infantry used horses as transport and for rapid response where they would dismount and fight as regular ground infantry.  The bayonet charge that these brave men accomplished was truely awe inspiring!

As for the title of this article when I was writing Rising Sons I initially was considering of opening it up to all aspects of ww1 and 800×4 was the title of one of the songs I had wrote for this.  However have working on the story flow of the album it felt that Gallipoli was a better scene to focus on.

Their sacrifice will never be forgotten and their bravery will embody what is great about the men and women of Australia!

Lest we forget.

Help Hurricane Harvey Victims Starts TODAY!

So, last week I let everyone know that my digital distributor was going to be donating sales of digital purchases from their website to helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey (I’m confident they will also do something for Irma while they’re at it)

Head along to my store, buy some music and donate that purchase to helping those who have lost so much in the damage.

Also go along and discover some other awesome Indi artists while you’re at it and donate more!


Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Between Monday 11th of September and Friday 15th of September digital sales proceeds from HERE will be donated to help victims of the recent storm that has devistated Texas and Louisiana. 

Money collected will be donated to the Red Cross who are actively working on the ground with hurricane Harvey victims.

The donation is across the whole site so buy up a heap of different independent music and help out!

By the Fire Side #4

People live here by Rise Against.

Sadly by this point when i was filming my fire had died down to not all that much – there will be a bigger one next time 😉

I originally intended to do an acoustic version of the song but fate had other plans for me that day… also there is a rather funny love actually/Billy Mac style recording blooper that you can see on my Instagram

Anyway enjoy the track…

By the Fire Side #3

Welcome to the third By the Fire Side video.  This time we have Hurt; the painful Ballard written by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.  Hurt has also a huge famous standing after the gut wrenching cover of it done by Johnny Cash.

What have I become?


By the Fire Side #2

Second song up for By the Fire Side is a cover of Scottish Pop Princess, Amy MacDonald’s Down By the Water.

Watch it here

The countdown is on!

Come back on the 18th of April for a treat 🙂

What’s going on here…?

By The Fire Side – Numb

I said something new was coming and here it is.  Just a bit of solo fun, grabbing songs – covers and my own, lighting fires and recording them.

First one off the ranks was a memorial to Chester who sadly took his life.  Numb by Linkin Park.

New stuff cometh

I’ve been working on a new project while also in the process of hunting wild sync licensing contracts.

It’s something a bit different from my normal work but has been a lot of fun planning. 

I’m really excited to be able to share this new project with everyone so stay tuned to here and social media for the releases as they come!