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100 years ago, on the 31st of October 1917, Australia did what many thought impossible.  They successfully took the city of Beersheba in the last successful cavalry charge in warfare.

This action is my personal favourite, closely followed by the fighting on the Kokoda track in ww2.  Desperate to take the Wells about 800 charged into artillery, machine gun fire and entrenched Turkish soldiers in an act that was not in their previous M.O.

773FF4B4-5910-4190-A24B-67BB1DAA5F3BImage Credit: Ian Coate

usually the mounted infantry used horses as transport and for rapid response where they would dismount and fight as regular ground infantry.  The bayonet charge that these brave men accomplished was truely awe inspiring!

As for the title of this article when I was writing Rising Sons I initially was considering of opening it up to all aspects of ww1 and 800×4 was the title of one of the songs I had wrote for this.  However have working on the story flow of the album it felt that Gallipoli was a better scene to focus on.

Their sacrifice will never be forgotten and their bravery will embody what is great about the men and women of Australia!

Lest we forget.

Help Hurricane Harvey Victims Starts TODAY!

So, last week I let everyone know that my digital distributor was going to be donating sales of digital purchases from their website to helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey (I’m confident they will also do something for Irma while they’re at it)

Head along to my store, buy some music and donate that purchase to helping those who have lost so much in the damage.

Also go along and discover some other awesome Indi artists while you’re at it and donate more!


Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Between Monday 11th of September and Friday 15th of September digital sales proceeds from HERE will be donated to help victims of the recent storm that has devistated Texas and Louisiana. 

Money collected will be donated to the Red Cross who are actively working on the ground with hurricane Harvey victims.

The donation is across the whole site so buy up a heap of different independent music and help out!

By the Fire Side #4

People live here by Rise Against.

Sadly by this point when i was filming my fire had died down to not all that much – there will be a bigger one next time 😉

I originally intended to do an acoustic version of the song but fate had other plans for me that day… also there is a rather funny love actually/Billy Mac style recording blooper that you can see on my Instagram

Anyway enjoy the track…

By the Fire Side #3

Welcome to the third By the Fire Side video.  This time we have Hurt; the painful Ballard written by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.  Hurt has also a huge famous standing after the gut wrenching cover of it done by Johnny Cash.

What have I become?


By the Fire Side #2

Second song up for By the Fire Side is a cover of Scottish Pop Princess, Amy MacDonald’s Down By the Water.

Watch it here

The countdown is on!

Come back on the 18th of April for a treat 🙂

What’s going on here…?

By The Fire Side – Numb

I said something new was coming and here it is.  Just a bit of solo fun, grabbing songs – covers and my own, lighting fires and recording them.

First one off the ranks was a memorial to Chester who sadly took his life.  Numb by Linkin Park.

New stuff cometh

I’ve been working on a new project while also in the process of hunting wild sync licensing contracts.

It’s something a bit different from my normal work but has been a lot of fun planning. 

I’m really excited to be able to share this new project with everyone so stay tuned to here and social media for the releases as they come!

102 Years on


Tomorrow is ANZAC Day for Australia and New Zealand.  A time very dear to most of us. It will be the 102nd Anniversary of the Gallipoli Landings where we first made out mark on the world as Aussies and Kiwis.

Once again I will be the MC for the Torquay Dawn Service and parade at Point Danger.  It is a huge honour that I have the privilege to be part of the service and parade in a capacity at which I excel.

I welcome everyone who can to come and attend the service on the cliff. For me there is something very suitable about it being on a beach at the top of a cliff.


This year is also the 100th anniversary of the charge of the 4th Light Horse Brigade in the battle of Beersheba.  It is one of the legends of the extreme bravery that out lads undertook and it always moves me.  I managed to write a song for it when I was composing Rising Sons, however, it didn’t fit at the time.  I am hoping it would be suitable in a follow up album.


Speaking of Rising Sons, tomorrow with be the Second anniversary since the release of my debut album.  You can listen to it on Spotify:

or you can purchase the album here:
and in purchasing the album you will be donating funds to helping White Cloud Foundation with PTSD suffering vets.


Happy Easter

From everyone here and Lachie, we hope you all had a safe and happy Easter!

Next Tuesday is ANZAC Day.  Lachie will be the Dawn Service MC at Point Danger for the Torquay RSL again this year.  As always a breakfast is provided afterwards by the RSL.

The Count Is In

Today for Good Friday I took part in the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal rattling tins and collecting coins (and notes!) From many generous motorists.

The intersection I worked managed to raise $5,515.90 for the day, contributing to the grand total of $5,409,089 from the state!

Thank you all who donated time and/or money to help the hospital continue to look after sick kids!

Change of Details

Good evening,

To follow up my last post I would like to inform those intending on joining or visiting me on Good Friday for the RCH Appeal the location of the fundraising has changed to the intersection at Thompsons and Ballarat roads.  Apparently people were hit by traffic last year so major intersections are out for collections these days.

In other news:
When I wrote The Sting Behind My Eyes I also had two other tracks that followed on shortly afterwards.  These songs however needed much arranging and love and they just weren’t getting the attention they deserved.  Over this Easter break I have been really focusing on them and will have a demo made before too long.  How the effects are going expect a bit of a U2 sound out of one of the tracks 😉

stay safe over Easter!


Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal

Hey everyone,

Easter is almost upon us and for many that means, chocolate egg hunts, red dyed boiled egg bashing, no meat, church services, etc.

This year, like every year, the Good Friday Appeal will be hitting the streets and phone centres  to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

I will be rattling the tins with some friends at the corner of Latrobe Tce and Ryrie St this Good Friday.  So if you are in the area make a drive past and donate some cash to help sick kids!

Alternatively you are very welcome to join myself and the team volunteering on the intersection as well.  Come for an hour, come for the day, whatever you can manage!

To find out more head to the Good Friday Appeal website.

See you there!

Spotify yourself!

The Sting Behind My Eyes has been live on Spotify for a week now and is already topping Lachie’s work there as the most favoured.

Follow the link here to add The Sting Behind My Eyes to your playlists!


All Systems Go!

It’s been a great first week with the release of The Sting Behind My Eyes.  The song has been well received and it keeps getting momentum.

You can now get The Sting Behind My Eyes from iTunes and Google Play Store, as well as direct from CD Baby.

We’ve entered the music video into a little online contest:
go ahead, watch the video and share it about 🙂

Thank you for  your continued support and we can’t wait to share the next part of this journey with you!

The Sting Behind My Eyes

It’s finally finished!

After a year of writing, arranging, recording, and post production, The Sting Behind My Eyes is finally completed and ready for you to listen to!

This song was written by Lachie.
Mentored by Charles Jenkins, Ainslie Wills, and Paul Dempsey (Something for Kate)
Mixed by Cameron Cilia
Mastered by William Bowden (Grammy winner – Somebody That I Used to Know)

Lachie: Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitars
U-wen Low: Drums
Ben Savage: Cello




The First Quarter

Rising_Sons_Product_Image_LargeSo it’s been an interesting start to 2016 and the darkest part would have had to have been the passing of one of the greatest artists of all time; someone who has inspired me greatly and even to this day.  I was invited to write something for the online paper the XYZ for David Bowie and it can be read HERE.

Rising Sons is almost a year old (in 5 days of writing this) and surprisingly has been doing better in the USA and UK, despite having a track titled You Pommy Bastards, than it has here in Australia. Like last year I will be the MC for the Torquay Dawn Service and will have copies on me if anyone so desires.

This year is the year of new songs and shows.  Currently I have two singles that I’m working on that will be part of the next album and so far they’re crackers!
One of the tracks had help from Charles Jenkins, Ainslie Wills, and none other than my favourite Aussie songwriter, Paul Dempsey! Expect great things cos I’m really excited about these pieces.

Sunday the 24th, while not performing, I will be mixing the audio for an ANZAC themed burlesque show and you will be able to hear Rising Sons through the intermission.


Merry New Year and Happy Christmas!

Hi Everyone!

This has been a big year for me musically, well it was the end result of years of work but let’s focus on this last bit.

It was the 100th Anniversary of the Gallipoli conflict in WW1 and that’s what inspired my album Rising Sons.  That album (after many delays and set backs) was finally released on ANZAC Day at the Torquay Dawn Service.  The same service that I was the announcer for.  It was a tremendous honour and I am thrilled to be able to do it again in 2016.

This year saw me working with a fantastic drummer, Uwen Low, who brought a great sound to Rising Sons with his marching band background.  It also brought back to my musical life, Phoebe Chiller, whom I wrote and performed in Ryu with many years ago.  We have been working together and writing new tracks for the next album. Which is exciting me but it’s going to be all kept under wraps.

I managed to tick something off my bucket list in 2015.  I, and my band above, played with an orchestra.  I was invited to have my album be part of the Victorian Youth Symphony Orchestra’s “Battlefronts” concert.  It was an amazing experience working with fantastic musicians and conductor, Ingrid Martin.  It was difficult remembering lessons from university on how to write for an orchestra but we got there and it was an amazing performance! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

My tech work increased this year as well (as did my ability to apply make up.)  By doing sound and and lights for Burlesque/cabaret shows.  One even had me entertaining for intermission on a baby grand piano which was lovely.

As with all years it has been up and down, great moments and moments of despair.  But for all the pros and cons it has been a fantastic learning experience and I look forward to what tomorrow brings with 2016.

I wish you all a Happy & Safe New Year.



Rising Sons is available from many locations now:


Google Play:…/music/album/Lachie_Rising_Sons…

Amazon Music:…

CDBaby (for physical and digital download):

Google music, spotify, deeser, Guvera, iTunes music and many more for streaming.

on the shelf at Real Music Vinyl & CDs and the Torquay RSL.

Rising Sons

Hi I’m Lachie, I’m a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and performer from Geelong, Australia. After I graduated with a Bachelor of Entertainment from JMC Academy in Melbourne, I have been working out different ways to further my career in the music industry.

I was looking for a unique way to enter the industry where the efforts well-placed would form the foundations for a long career.

At the time I was inundated with so many options and possibilities to go with, that I couldn’t focus on one just one. I felt a bit lost. Then an idea was suggested, “why don’t you write something about Australians at war?” This was the seed that started my creative plans for the “Rising Sons” concept album.

This creative endeavour is an accumulation of a few passions of mine. The first goes without saying, my music passion. Nothing fills me with more joy and euphoria than performing, there is no better release for me than after toiling over songs, giving them form and shape, and then delivering them to an audience.

The second is storytelling: I like my songs to have a deep meaning. I like them to take the listener on an adventure, even if it is a small journey, through different emotions. I love writing in a way that lets my mind wander into a new realm and in the process of creating, finding new words that can be played with.

Thirdly and finally, Wartime history: As with singing, I have always had a keen interest in the history of Australia and more so, their involvement in global conflicts; from the Boer War to our current conflicts in the middle east and relief efforts to our south east Asian neighbours. Tales of selflessness, gallantry, self-sacrifice, bravery, mateship and so much more, stir up proud feelings to be human and to be Australian.

So over the past year I jumped, two feet, into the idea. I knew I needed to do some research to do this topic justice. Everything from reading, books, articles and letters from diggers in Gallipoli. To wanting to soak in the significance of this and so heading to Canberra to visit the war memorial, Where I spoke with curators and guides, absorbing their stories and attempting to give these life in song.

There were many special moments on this journey. I’ll share a couple of memorable and favourite ones with you now. A guide talking with me about the medics during the Gallipoli conflict and referring to them as, “the bravest of the brave.” Then another moment, I was being told about a Japanese surrender to Australian forces during WW2, an old man with a younger lady, who I can assume was his daughter, politely moved out of the way. When asked if he wanted to listen to the story, the old man replied, “no need that’s me in the photo.”

I have planned this album as a journey, a collection of songs marking a number of different stories with Gallipoli as the central theme. The album starts off with those at home. Young men signing up to go and fight for King and country and then progresses though the conflict, from trials at home with the war effort, to the frustrations felt by those serving in the trenches. It touches on death, it touches on doubt and it touches on hope. I have also decided to have the album musically bookended by both The Last Post and The Rouse, played with a modern twist.

Above all, I would like to make this album as a thank you to Australian service personnel. To acknowledge the centenary since the ANZAC landings that have become so much a part of our nation and culture; defining us as we are today in the world. It is not my desire to use the loss of life and the theatre of war as commercial leverage. To this end, I am in discussions with a few charities that support those who have served. I intend to donate 5% of the sales from CD purchases to The White Cloud Foundation to assist their work with those suffering Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD.

Please join me in commemorating a milestone in our nation’s history and to our servicemen and women for their selfless efforts for a grateful nation.

You can follow Rising Sons on facebook at and go into the chance to win a free download of the album by liking the page!

July Deal!

For the month of July if you purchase a hard copy of Rising Sons it will not only be helping The White Cloud Foundation with the work they do with the Australian suffering anxiety, depression, and PTSD (as all physical sales do) but you will be getting free postage to anywhere in the world AND every copy will be signed!

But for July only!

Get Rising Sons Here!

Until contracts have been completed with distribution you can get your copy of #Risingsons from here.